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Riverside Aviaries was established in 1985 and is a complete bird specialist, offering the most fantastic range of English bred quality parakeets and everything you could possibly need to go with them, including expert advice on aftercare.

Our stock is constantly changing

We are also specialists in bird breeding, mainly in budgies, cockatiels, diamond doves, rock pebblars, celestial parrotlets, rosellas, conures, lovebirds, grass parakeets, lineolated parakeets and even zebra finches. Because we breed so many birds ourselves we can offer babies to you with guaranteed ages and due to our vast experience and knowledge in birds, we offer professional and friendly advice. We have the best selection of cages, seed, toys and accessories available from our shop. If you purchase a bird and cage at the same time we will offer a discount. We also provide a very comprehensive care sheet with our caged birds.


We pride ourselves on our large choice of craftsman-built aviaries and have many different designs suitable for birds, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, chickens, ferrets, chipmunks, puppies, etc., and because all the aviaries are built on our premises they can be designed and made to your own specification if required. We have a wide range of aviaries on display. Help and advice will be freely given in order for you to make the right informed choice. We look forward to seeing you to discuss your needs.

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Welcome to a warm and very friendly environment in our shop. Being bird specialists we cater for all aspects of owning a bird, from the bird itself to the cage, bird seed and all accessories to go with it. Our experienced and pleasant knowledgeable staff will be only too pleased to assist and advise in anyway needed. Our first priority is for the bird to be happy, which in turn will make you the customer satisfied with your purchase.

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